Home Assistance

Even at home we are not exempt from contingencies that require the support of
experts to provide us with solutions. Our home assistance service considers
these needs.


In case of pipes rupture, taps or other fixed water or gas installations at home and/or business; We coordinate the dispatch of a technician to make the necessary repairs.


When we suffer the breakage of glass of doors or windows at home and/or business, we will coordinate the dispatch of a technician who will perform the replacement of the affected glass or window.


In the event of loss, misplacement or theft of keys and disablement of locks making it impossible to access the main door or any room inside the house and/or business; a locksmith will be sent to carry out the emergency repair that is required to restore the opening and the correct functioning of the locks.


In case of lack of electrical power as a result of failures or breakdown of the facilities (total or partial short circuit). A technician will be sent to solve the problem.


In case of requiring the painting service, we will send a technician to support our users.


If required, we will coordinate the delivery of a bricklayer to carry out the repairs or adjustments required at home and/or business.

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