Road Assistance Service

We are not exempt from suffering any failure or mechanical problems in our vehicle, significant enough for temporary immobilization. Aware of today’s roads dynamics, we offer our road assistance service to give peace of mind to our users.

Tow Truck

We efficiently coordinate the dispatch of a tow truck in the event of a mechanical failure for the towing or ground transportation of vehicles nationwide.

Tire change

When you suffer a tire puncture, or one of them is low in air preventing the movement of the vehicle, we coordinate the service for the change of the broken tire, or inflation of the deflated tire.

Car Locksmith

In case the keys are left inside the vehicle, we send a locksmith to open the car and give peace of mind to our users.

Gasoline delivery

In case the vehicle runs out of fuel, we coordinate the delivery of gasoline to ensure that our user can reach the nearest gas station.

Car Battery Charge

In the event that the vehicle suffers electric power loss preventing further travel, our service includes sending power supply. This allows our users to travel by their own means to reach the nearest car workshop.

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