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Why join Telasist?

The first and most relevant thing is that you will be much more important to us than the position you occupy.

When you enter Telasist you become part of a large family, in which we are committed to improving the lives of those who are part of our team. We specialize in offering service experiences, technology and innovation, but not only for our users, but for those of us who are part of this great organization.


Excelling at Telasist means sharing your passion for serving and improving lives with the highest standards of quality, honesty and fair treatment. You are the one who writes the story. We will support your personal and professional growth within a culture focused on people, as well as a healthy, flexible and diverse environment.


Our Main Areas




We have a wide range of responsibilities ranging from cost calculation, accounting, auditing, taxation and budgeting. We can surely give your experience in finance a chance.


Our IT area ranges from the infrastructure department to the development team and new businesses. As a company we are convinced that the domain of technology gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Therefore, it is essential to bring the best talent to make this a reality every day.

Human Resources

The main function of this department is to attract, hire, develop and retain the best talent. In Telasist we know that our people make the difference; so, if your passion is an area of ​​specialization of human resources, such as recruitment, training or development of talent, we have a good place for you.

Commercial B2B

Our commercial team is in charge of finding, taking care, advising and helping our corporate customers to cover their needs in everything related to assistance services; the purpose is to add value and differentiation to their products in order to generate loyalty to their brands. If public relations, sales, customer service and getting attractive commissions are within your interests, do not hesitate to contact us.


In Telasist we have a Call Center specialized in Telemarketing campaigns where we provide great customer service and telephone sales with the highest quality standards, attractive commissions and an excellent working environment. You are invited to join this great team.

Customer Service

We have an operations center dedicated to coordinating and monitoring the necessary assistance services to ensure that our users get the best service experience. If your passion is to serve customers, we are your best option with excellent facilities and customized systems while providing higher income than what you can find in the marketplace.


One of the most important departments in Telasist is the Networks area, which is responsible for the development and management of our network of service providers nationwide. If your area of expertise is supplier management and you love it, we have a good place for you.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the area dedicated to the extraction and analysis of the information generated in the company that helps us to make decisions. The experience we need is in statistics, report generation, database administration, data mining, and above all, data analysis. Join us in this important area.

Available Jobs


  • Minimum experience of 6 months in telephone sales of financial products
  • High school

We offer:

  • Salary $ 6,000 + commissions
  • Benefits above the law
  • Direct hiring
  • Half-time

Job Title



Vertiz Narvarte